Label Time Line

Our beginnings and we have just started.
Making the first beats wasn’t easy but it was our dream
In 2003, a 19year old dreamer and lover of electronic music (better known as Steven Liquid) realized his idea and founded “Ultimate House Records”. The idea and dream of creating and releasing his own, and the music of other young talent producers, was the main point for founding that all here.
First official release
After some promotional self-made compilations the first official release came out finally. Four tracks by LOQUAI made the debut and the kick off for more from this. Such proud on the first 4 tracks in it, the next releases followed and they did it with being supported by Roger Shah in the Mellomania Radioshow on Radio Sunshine Live. And after the first airplay supports finally the first track “The longest way” by Steven Liquid made it onto a real CD Compilation.
September 2006
Second label founded – The beginning of TIME FUSION
Time Fusion was founded to split of the genres and being not so much confused with the label name and the style we sometimes released in this time. From this point all the uplifting and faster Trance tracks got their home on TIME FUSION, the slower Progressive and Balearic tunes remained on ULTIMATE HOUSE RECORDS so far. Also in this period Steven Liquid made it second time on the Mellomania CD Compilation with his track “Autumn Sun”. Later, in early spring 2007, for the third time with his Balearic House project work CULLERA.
August 2007
After four exiting years it was the right time to begin a new chapter in event history. With some organized parties from time to time in the past it was now up for a residential once with founding home in music club NEW WATER, started the first Time Fusion based event series FEEL TRANCE in august 2007. It wasn’t not easy that time to establish a real Trance party, there was only a few people, producers and labels who kept up the scene and trancemusic alive. Managed to establish a Trance event in the city of aachen while in the bigger once like Cologne and Düsseldorf around had nothing for this genre in this time – call us the ‘pioneering workers’.
November 2007
Moving away from the base for a new home – Goodbye Stolberg, Hello Wegberg
Autumn 2007 started with a bigger change with moving the office and studio from Stolberg to Wegberg. This meant to extend the surface a lot, having more space to create new song ideas together while being in the same room without getting too close.
new sublabels founded – Ultimate Digital and Klangquadrate
Expansion of diversity, several areas of electronic music have now been covered.
August 2013
10 Years Anniversary
Change of distribution
beginning of the great and successful collaboration with the Hamburg company KONTOR NEW MEDIA
From Major till Minor
new label for quiet and relaxing piano sounds founded
August 2023
20th Anniversary
still here to rock on!
February 2024
Time Fusion Dark
We’re getting a new addition! In February we are launching a new sub label with TIME FUSION DARK. In order to better cover the areas of Hard, Goa and Psychedelic Trance, we decided to take this step – and to give you, the listeners and DJs, a better overview of where which sound is being released.
We already have some songs signed that are ready for release – but we also have additional capacity for new artists and songs, so feel free to send us your demos from that style if you want to take part in our journey.

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