Andrew Fields

New Album available in stores!

Running out for the next level the third time with Andrew Fields presenting us a full new range of his sound on his brand new album.
The mixture is on whatever electronic music helds in, not focused on the genre only on the flow of the listening experience. Three is always a part of it, of course it is Andrew's third album, but he hold on creating the tracks with sounds of the last three decades, so the whole is rounded up. Tune in!

01. How We´re like it
02. Feel
03. Bye Bye (It´s time to go)
04. Secret Place
05. Sweet Little Moment
06. Love is a Symbol
07. Into the Deep
08. Ride
09. A Minute for Love
10. Light in the Distance
11. Fangorn (The Endwood)
12. Like it Like That (Acid Tom Remix)

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