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Coffee Time

Chillout / Downtempo / Lounge

Take a little break from everyday life with a good cup of coffee and enjoy it together with the right music, here is sounds for the background.

Beach Sounds

House / Balearic House /Progressive / EDM

Let’s go to the beach! We’ve selected the right tunes for an amazing beach feeling, whether you`re on the beach feeling the sand under feets or close your eyes dreaming to the place where the sea kisses the sand.

90´s Clubculture

Rave / Techno / House / Trance

Back to the 90’s! Here’s the right plasliyt featuring the club tunes from this area of beats and rave, a time of clubing without smartphones and real fast beats to

Trance Today

Uplifting / Club / Progressive / Psy-TRance

Tune into the latest and hotest Trance tunes, discover the hidden beauties of this genre with this playlist. No borders, just pure feelings! #TranceFamily

Festival Mix

Party EDM Anthems

If the Festival Summer ends it’s no time to stand still, extended it everywhere and everytime with this pumin playlist

Underground Club

Techno / Deep House / Acid / Progressive

True club culture has its own sound at heart, far away from the mainstream the basis of electronic dance music is real, unadulterated and honest. Immerse yourself in the depths of electronic sounds and rhythms and let the bass drive you.

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