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not only with the music of our artists - also with lots of cool songs from other great artists out there
All colors and sounds of various genres, find your favorite or discover new

Beach Sounds

Let’s go to the beach! Whether you’re on the beach, feeling the sand under feets or close your eyes dreaming to the place where the sea kisses the sand.

Chillout Moments

When you need a moment of rest, let these sounds remove you from a stressed world. Return to yourself to recharge your batteries – with this music.

Coffee Time

Take a little break from everyday life with a good cup of coffee and enjoy it together with the right music, here is sounds for the background.

House Classics

Disco never dies! What began in the 1970s, found its musical path into today’s genre of house music. Tis is funk and groove, appreciate this great music.


The sound right to dive into the night – or drive through the night, whatever you do after 10pm; from Progressive House over to deep electronic music.

Piano Relaxation

Quiet and relaxed sounds with piano and a touch of ambient music. Absolutely perfect for letting go and relaxing, but also for learning or concentrating.

Smooth & Fluffy Vibes

Relaxing House and Electronic Music, smooth and flufy vibes! Perfectly for the backround of your day, whereever you are and doing now!

Sunset Relax

Find the right soundtrack for sunset, dive into the fancying sounds for relaxation and experience the end of the day with this music.

Summer (Sunset) Drive

The perfect sound for summer or sunset car driving, let the music guide you you the way through the sun with melodic progressive house.

Trance Classics

This genre has so much amazing tracks in its history; atmospheric sounds, driving basslines and oppressive drums that are wonderfully courted by melodies.

Trance Today

Tune into the latest and hotest Trance tunes, discover the hidden beauties of this genre with this playlist. No borders, just pure feelings! #TranceFamily

90's Clubculture

Back to the 90’s! Here’s the right plasliyt featuring the club tunes from this area of beats and rave, a time of club’ing without smartphones and real fast beats to dance!

The Sound of our Artists

Spotlight on some of our artists, a selection of music that you might listen to.


The ‘Balearic-Alias’ of Steven Liquid himself, all the colours of sun-inspired vibes of Progressive House with a touch of the magic island.

3ivissa 5oul

The sound of the 3ivissa 5oul is defined somewhere between techno, deep and balearic house, but sound is hard to describe in words.

Kira B.M.J.

Pianist, composer and singer, found her musical home in the area of chillout and ambient with creating music and transmitting emotions.

John Aidan

Belgian Trance Producer John Aidan creating sounds of atmosphere and melodic, adding the sound of synths perfectly into the flow of his style of Trance

Tape 90

Deep House and Housemusic vibes always with the right Groove and Beat you need, between the summer road and the disco funk right from the roots


Feeling the colours of Trance and feeling the power of Acid; Steven Liquid’s ‘harder’ alias for club addicted Trance sound, right to kick the party off


Since 18 years been dedicated to the production of electronic music, from trance to chill out he’s on the road in the field of melodic sounds with his own style.

Several Dub

Going deeper into the vibe of Progressive House with Several Dub, releasing since 2009 tracks with the special atmosphere inside.

Steven Liquid

Producer, label owner and a musician himself in the worlds of electronic music sounds. Caught in the Atmosphere of Chillout, driven by the rhythm of Trance.

The Sound of our Labels

Spotlight on our releases, featuring the main labels Ultimate House Records and Time Fusion

Ultimate House Rec.

Housemusic in all it’s colous and sound from our beginning in 2005 till today. Sorted New to Old, press shuffle across the 16 years for a mix.

New / latest releases

Keep you updated about the latest tunes in House, Progressive, Deep and Balearic released on Ultimate House Records.

Time Fusion

The sound of Time Fusion through all the years from the beginning in 2006 till today, Trance in all it’s colors and sound!

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